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Just a single bed bug or egg and our dog can detect it for you.

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Detect Bed Bugs – The Dog Way

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Even in hard-to-reach areas, dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell and can accurately detect this critter.

save money


No chemicals or equipment needed; dog bed bug inspections can save money by reducing the need to buy items necessary to detect these pests.

& Electronics


The power of dog sniffing! Dogs do not require invasive procedures — at all — like drilling holes in walls or tearing up carpets to detect bed bugs, making the inspection process less disruptive.



A trained dog can inspect a room for bed bugs in a matter of minutes, compared to several hours for a human inspector.

Unexpected Places

Early detection

Even the smallest of eggs, wherever it can be, our dog can detect bed bugs at all stages of development. This can help prevent a small infestation from turning into a bigger, more costly problem.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When our dog is done sniffing your property, the necessary actions will be taken.


The Dog’s Nose Knows

A dog’s nose is remarkable, capable of detecting vast scents that humans simply can’t perceive. When it comes to bed bugs, a dog’s nose is exceptional, as it can detect the presence of these pests even when they’re hidden away in cracks and crevices that a human inspection might miss.

A dog’s nose is truly a powerful tool in the fight against bed bugs. By leveraging their incredible sense of smell, we can detect and eliminate these pests with far greater efficiency and effectiveness than we could ever achieve through human inspections alone.


Trust Our Process

Trust Our Dog Detective, To Solve Your Bed Bug Problems.


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Quickly get in touch with our team for support, inquiries, or estimate requests and appointments. Calling us will give you an idea of when you’ll see our Midwest dog sniffing your place for inspection.

Schedule Estimate

Schedule Estimate

Our team will gladly accommodate your request. We inspect and offer accurate estimates before proceeding with the treatment. Contact us today to learn more!

Dog Inspection & Beyond

Dog Inspection & Beyond

The moment our dog has been waiting for! The time has come, our Midwest dog will detect and arrest all bed bugs present in your home. After the inspection, our team will gladly find a good resolution for you.

Your Dog Detective Within Midwest Areas

You might just be within our reach! Our bed bug detection dog can go around and travel within Midwest areas with one goal: to sniff out all the bed bugs so we can get rid of them out of your place. We cover areas within Missouri and Illinois.

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