The Bed Bug Treatment Your Family and Relatives Will Never Know About



It wasn’t too long ago that bed bugs were all but eradicated in the U.S., but the growth of international travel, especially to less developed countries, has led to a lot of these tiny pests hitching a ride back to the states, and leaving both hotels and homes facing a new wave of bed bug infestations. As a homeowner, this can not only prove unsettling, as tiny vampire bugs feast on your flesh nightly, but also embarrassing.

Unfortunately, there is still a certain stigma attached to bed bug infestations, which have historically been associated with crowded tenements, where they can spread like wildfire. Bed bugs are not discerning, though. They’ll stow away in your clothing or luggage and infiltrate your home, whether you live in an apartment or a mansion.

As a homeowner dealing with bed bugs, you certainly want to get rid of these pests as quickly as possible, but you may be understandably embarrassed by your situation. The last thing you want is a truck rolling up and advertising to the whole neighborhood that you have bed bugs.

At Midwest Bed Bug Services, we understand the difficult position you’re in because we’ve been there ourselves. It was a bed bug infestation that prompted us to build a business dedicated to eradicating these tricky pests. As a result, we are fully aware of the delicate social nature of this problem.

With Midwest Bed Bug Services, you never have to worry about your neighbors finding out you’re treating for bed bugs. Our company vehicles are unmarked, unlabeled box trucks. There’s no name, no logo, and definitely no giant image of a bug with a no symbol over it.

Our goal is always to provide you with the fast, effective, and lasting service you expect. However, we’re also committed to providing the discretion that provides you with peace of mind. How can you be assured that we will respect your privacy in every possible way? Here’s what you can expect when Midwest Bed Bug Services comes to your home to treat for bed bugs.

Unmarked Service Vehicles

When one of our co-founders had bed bugs in his home, he was mortified that his neighbors might find out, and it’s no wonder, considering the social stigma attached to a bed bug infestation. He didn’t even tell his grandfather, who lived next door. Still, he couldn’t live with the little monsters biting him while he slept, night after night, and exponentially increasing their population in his home.

He had no choice but to call in an expert team of exterminators to deal with the bed bugs. Luckily, the company he called understood the value of discretion. When they showed up, they were driving an all-white, unmarked truck and trailer. He was so relieved by this that an idea began to form, and the result was the birth of Midwest Bed Bug Services.

Drawing on our experience with home restoration, namely heat treatment for drying homes following leaks, we began to offer heat treatment for bed bugs. These pests can be killed in a number of ways, but heat is among the safest and most effective options.

When you partner with Midwest Bed Bug Services, you won’t have to worry about obtrusive tenting or harmful chemicals in your home. Our equipment is designed to kill bugs in every nook and cranny of your home without causing any damage to your structure, your possessions, or the health of your family and your pets.

Of equal importance, however, is your privacy, and we’re committed to complete discretion when it comes to treating your home for bed bugs. This is why we show up in unmarked trucks, to ensure that your neighbors are none the wiser about what kind of work is being done in your home.

When we had bed bugs, we were so grateful that the company we hired had the tact to come in an unmarked truck, and we proudly offer the same discretion to our clients. The embarrassment and shame of having bed bugs is real, even though it’s through no fault of your own. With Midwest Bed Bug Services on your side, you’ll not only eliminate these pests, but do so without anyone knowing they were ever there.

Total Discretion

Even with unmarked trucks in your driveway, nosy neighbors can be a problem. However, the pros at Midwest Bed Bug Services know how to deal with prying busybodies in order to maintain your privacy.

A good example is the case of a home we treated in Salisbury shortly after we launched our business. We had just started work when a neighbor walked over with the intent of finding out what was going on. He approached and said, jokingly, “Don’t send those bugs over here!”

“What?” I asked, with a confused expression on my face.

Suddenly unsure and embarrassed, the neighbor blushed and asked, “You’re treating for bugs, right?”

Laughing, I turned to my machine. “With this?” I asked. “No, my client called me this morning because he had a pipe break. He shut the water off, but his basement is flooded. I’m drying it out for him.”

He listened intently, realizing his mistake, and said, “Well, I’m sure glad you came so quickly. Enjoy your day.” He quickly retreated, and that was the end of that.

Whenever an unmarked work truck shows up in a neighborhood, neighbors are bound to be curious. Cars may slow to look and neighbors may wander over to try to find out what’s going on. In truth, this is the sign of a safe neighborhood, and we don’t mind at all when people ask what we’re doing.

However, we’re dedicated to preserving your privacy and acting with discretion on your behalf, which is why we’re prepared to offer a cover story to explain our presence. Since our equipment is similar to machinery used for drying out indoor flooding related to leaks, it’s easy enough to cite that as our purpose for visiting your home.

When a neighbor, mailman, or looky-loo stops by to ask what we’re up to, we might tell them we’re:

Drying out flooring following a broken pipe

Eliminating odor from a skunk that got into the crawlspace

Cleaning ductwork for the home’s central HVAC

These perfectly plausible explanations do not invite further investigation. Our background in the water restoration profession means that our equipment is very similar to what is used to heat-dry homes following leaks, so even people who might have some knowledge of this treatment will be fooled by our explanation. This, paired with our uniquely effective heat treatment process, is why our services are preferable to most general pest control operators when it comes to treating for bed bugs.

Respecting the Interior of Your Home

Discretion may start at your driveway, but we take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously. We understand that we are working in your personal living spaces, and that we have full access to your home, as required in order to fully eliminate bed bugs. Since we’ve been where you are, we have a special understanding of your situation, and we are conscientious and careful to preserve your privacy every step of the way.

Although we only treat once, unlike other companies that offer monthly or quarterly treatments, we stay in contact with our clients to ensure that there is no recurrence. At Midwest Bed Bug Services, we appreciate that you place your trust in our company, our process, and our team, and we go out of our way to earn that trust with discreet, professional, and highly effective services.

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