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Bed bugs are a common problem in residential places. They can be difficult to eliminate using traditional methods such as pesticides. Alarmingly, bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to chemical treatments, which makes heat treatment an effective alternative

On that note, Midwest Bed Bug Services is proud to own every RX Heater in the Midwest.

RX15 heaters are a type of equipment used for residential bed bug treatment. Each heater can heat up to 4400 ft2. They are specifically designed to heat up a room or area to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs.

1-Day, Single Treatment
All-Natural & Chemical Free
No Leftover Residuals
Destruction Free
No Evacuation Needed
Penetrate Inaccesible Spaces

What to Expect During Your Bed Bug Treatment


Pre-Treatment Walkthrough

When I first arrive, we will do a home walkthrough, go over the checklist together, and discuss any final questions or concerns you have. Prior to the treatment, we will have you sign the work order, giving us permission to treat your home.

heat treatment

Heat Treatment

The treatment will last anywhere from 8-12 hours. The will ensure everything is heated to at least 122F. Throughout the day, I will be inside the 140F home, checking temperatures, and moving items around as needed. 


Post-Treatment Walkthrough

Following the treatment, we will do a second home walkthrough, showing you each room bugs were found in, and opening up windows to cool the house down. Afterwards, we will discuss what you can do to prevent ever dealing with bed bugs again!


Free Resource: How to Prevent Getting Bed Bugs While Traveling

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